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Bathroom Vanities and Accessories Perth

Bathroom vanities and accessories affect the overall look of your space.

Bathroom Vanities and Accessories Perth can be a sure bet when you decide to transform your space. Since the available bathroom space in most cases is fixed and unchangeable, it only makes sense to focus on the unlimited options you can enjoy with vanities and accessories. Bathroom accessories and vanities Perth can be altered in order to achieve desired styles, mood, or overall look of a space. A well selected combination of these can help you achieve the desired theme, whether cozy, glamorous, inviting, chic, or minimalistic.

Begin with Space Allocation

As mentioned earlier, space is always fixed but you have unlimited options when it comes to design and style of a space, be it small or expansive. When planning for your space, keep these in mind;

Consider the traffic
The entry and shower should be top priority. Avail sufficient space for door or entrance and trim. The vanity should not bar traffic and still allow vanity doors and drawers to be opened with ease depending on the available space in the bathroom.
Existing installations
Pre-installed features of the bathroom such as outlets, mirrors, and electrical switches should be considered.
Plumbing location will affect width of your vanity. Costs hike in case movement is required for plumbing.
Cabinets size
The vanity cabinets and vanity cabinet tops should also be measured. The needs of the users should be considered when determining countertop height. Bathrooms to be used by adults might have higher countertops whereas those used by kids would be shorter.
Finishings and final touches
A filler or filler strip might also be considered for those planning to have this installed. This refers to the piece of wood placed between the vanity and wall. It helps fill any gap.
What Vanity Style

You have two options when it comes to vanity styles;

  • Built-in - (Mounted)
  • Freestanding

If your space is small, the freestanding vanities will suffice. Those with larger spaces can use built-in bathroom vanities and furniture since it offers more storage and a countertop space.

The vanity top for the bathroom vanity and closet can come pre-installed or not. If you choose to go for a unit that does not have a top then you can be able to choose the kind of material you desire for the vanity top. The vanity with pre-installed top is easier to install unlike the one without. However, you cannot customize it.

Color, Finish and Hardware

Bathroom vanities Perth suppliers offer a wide range of Bathroom vanities designed using various materials. The commonly used materials include metal, glass, or wood. The kind of finish of the bathroom vanities sale can be white, mid-tone, black, brown, or espresso finish. These colors can still be customized if you desire a color of your choice.

You might also want to install a single vanity if your space is small. If you have a bigger space then you can choose a large vanity, double vanities Perth or partition a larger one into smaller vanities. The hardware is also something to look out for. Some have doors and drawer hardware installed. It is also important to note that the type of wood material will affect the quality and price of the vanity. Generally, vanities made of maple, Asian hardwood, oak, and other rare types of wood are more expensive. Cheaper ones are made of engineered wood, pine, or birch.

How About Bathroom Accessories
Bathroom accessories
First on the list of important bathroom accessories Perth to choose include faucets, towel racks, the sink, and the mirror. These should complement the overall theme of your space.
Type of lighting
Check out the type of lighting as well when considering bathroom vanity accessories sets. Choose more than one light fixture in the bathroom space. You can go for sophisticated lighting such as LED down lights or a pendant and chandeliers. Simpler lighting will also suffice if you seek modern and minimalist designs. Install lighting also within the mirror area.
essential accessories
Other small but essential bathroom accessories that should be available include; shower curtains, soap dish, toilet paper holder, toothbrush holder, bath towel sets Australia and many others.
The overall look

Bathroom vanities and accessories affect the overall look of your space. You can install the vanities in Perth on your own or hire a bathroom specialist to do it for you. If on tight budget the check out bathroom vanity and tile ideas and conduct the project on your own. However, you can achieve your desired finish with ease when you hire an expert for the bathroom vanity and installation with respect to bathroom vanities and accessories Perth.