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Large format porcelain tiles Perth

How large format porcelain tiles boost your space?

Large format porcelain tiles Perth have completely transformed the interior decor world. Large format porcelain tile installation is increasingly popular given the many porcelain tiles advantages unlike traditional tiling. It was only in the recent past when one was forced to go for either small or tiny tiles. Large porcelain tiles design options were considered impractical since they were difficult to handle and in most cases prone to crack. This is no longer the case. Large format porcelain floor tiles are now part of most interior decor projects for bathrooms and kitchens. This has been made possible by the advancement in modern technology.

What defines large Format Porcelain Tiles?

The adage go big or go home applies here. Large format tiles collections have become increasingly popular. They refer to porcelain tiles within the size range of 900mm to 1200mm. Initially, these tiles were within reach for sophisticated high end hotels. This is no longer the case since it is now a common sight within the domestic market domain and at surprisingly low prices.Current large format porcelain tiles are defined by the following;

High strength
High strength low profile - porcelain tiles for bathroom and kitchen are thinner and lighter when compared to traditional tiles. In terms of strength, large format porcelain tiles are sturdier and longer lasting. They are not only resistant to wear and tear but also resist water, high temperatures, and fire. This means they can work well in areas where conventional tiling and stone cannot. These tiles can also withstand heavy traffic and will therefore suit busy areas such as kitchens. You can also use these tiles on walls since they are lightweight. Available are large format porcelain tiles in living room as well as large format outdoor porcelain tile.
Its versatility - large format porcelain tiles are highly can be installed in almost anywhere imaginable. It is a modern alternative that has rendered the use of natural material impractical. In fact, it is extremely difficult to differentiate the large format tiles from natural materials. You can now get wood look, large format porcelain tile marble, granite look, large format concrete porcelain tile, and many other design ideas. This eliminates the need for tedious matching considerations when you buy large format porcelain tiles. It can also be used to create desired effects such as the illusion of huge space or openness within an area.
Installation and maintenance made Easy - large format porcelain wall tiles and floor tiles are easy to install and maintain. They can be easily and quickly cut to achieve desired dimensions. This guarantees precision and minimizes wastage. They also require less grouting which gives a more alluring look and minimizes possibility of water leaks when used in pools, bathrooms, wet rooms and showers. Porcelain tiles cleaning is also easier and faster.
Large Porcelain Tiles Applications

Large format porcelain tiles online are highly versatile. They can be used in a number of areas that include halls, bathrooms, or kitchen. They are widely used even for smaller spaces, where it is installed from downstairs all the way upstairs. This helps instill a sense of flow and continuity from front to back door. This ultimately creates the illusion that the room is bigger.

In terms of styles, large format tiles are available in wide selection of styles; wood look, marble, concrete, or large format polished porcelain tiles. It can be the best alternative if you desire concrete look or wood look and you want to enjoy the top performance of porcelain tiles. The style and color option for porcelain tiles is limitless as a matter of fact. The designers can play around with various patterns, colors, materials, textures, and styles to bring out an out-of-this world porcelain tile design. They can be designed to mimic any type of regular tile imaginable.

Substrate or Adhesive

It is important to note that large format tiles demand stronger substrate or adhesive since it is heavier when compared to smaller mosaic or subway tiles. The floor should also be properly leveled before installation. Self-leveling systems, skim coat or patching will come in handy if you need to install large format tiles in areas that are not level. Various vendors provide complete installation systems and this can make things easier for you. This not only ensures that products work well together but you also get warranty benefits.

Large format tiles are a common sight in most homes these days. They have ceased to be just a fad. You can achieve a bold, modern, and stunning look with large format porcelain tiles Perth.

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