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Freestanding baths Perth

Freestanding bath and shower options for your wet areas.

No one can deny the fact that freestanding baths Perth have taken over the bathroom space world. Freestanding baths for sale are highly appealing and will work well on all types of spaces whether small, large or anything in-between. It is particularly popular given the glamour and elegance it adds to any bathroom. Freestanding bath and shower is best suited for anyone with a taste for modern or vintage freestanding baths designs. In terms of shapes and sizes, freestanding baths in Perth are available in unlimited options. This means you have so many styles to work with whenever you need to customize your space. The many freestanding baths benefits make this a popular choice.

What is a freestanding bath?

Simply put, a freestanding bath and shower combination refer to a stand-alone bath. It is a bath that can sit directly on the floor or a bath mounted on its feet without any attachment to any supporting wall structure.

The Freestanding baths in Perth can fall into any of two categories, namely contemporary or traditional. These categories are not restrictive per say since some shower baths in Perth have elements of both traditional and contemporary styles.

Freestanding Bath Designs

You have various design styles to choose from when considering freestanding baths in Perth. These can be explained as follows;

Single ended
This design is classic and timeless, one that is commonly used in traditional homes. It is a freestanding bath layout with one sloped and rounded end that is designed for lounging. The other end is designed for the drain and faucet. It is available in various sizes.
Double ended
As the name suggests, these have two rounded ends which allows the user to bath on any of the sides. The ends are not raised and allow two individuals to bath at the same time. It comes with a center drain and faucet. Sizes vary.
Single slipper
This has one end designed for lounging and the opposite end for plumbing. One side is elevated forming the shape of a slipper. It is more comfortable to use since it gives heightened back support. Sizes as well.
Double Slipper
This feature centered drain and faucet and at the tub’s low point. It is raised on both sides for maximum comfort and usually accommodates two bathers depending on size. In terms of size, they are available in various sizes too.
Other designs
some other popular freestanding baths include clawfoot, skirted or pedestal, and the Japanese soaking tub.
Why Freestanding baths?

Freestanding baths in Perth offer many benefits when compared to built-in baths. It is the best option for a number of reasons;

Unlimited choice
It can fit any style and are not restrained by tiles or walls. The designed can play around with shapes and come up with a bath that will suit any space imaginable. Ideally there are unlimited freestanding baths ideas.
Luxurious by design
The freestanding bath stands out because of its look. They are popular in high end spas since they make a statement.
Easy Installation
It does not take much effort to install a freestanding bath. All that is needed is a plumber if thinking of freestanding bath how to fit. No need to hire a decorator and contractor.
Can fit anywhere
It allows for creative use of available space. It can fit anywhere within the room. It does not require two or more walls to install.

With that said, the ultimate choice boils down to the buyer. Those that need a stylish and sophisticated design will look no further since freestanding baths offers these benefits. You have so many options to choose from and an expert can help you choose a design that will work for you if you are considering freestanding baths Perth..