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Kitchen and Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Perth

Ever considered Kitchen and Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Perth?

Porcelain tiles for the kitchen floor add value to your interior space. Bathroom porcelain tiles also make a major difference in a space that would have been neutral and simple. And as we all know the valuation of a property is hugely affected by the condition of the bathroom and kitchen. Kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles indeed matter with some minor changes such as re-grouting and swapping completely altering the buyers perception. Wall tiles should also be chosen wisely and complementing accessories such as lighting and mirrors properly selected and positioned. A keen eye on wall and floor d├ęcor makes a huge difference when it comes to kitchen and bathroom overall appearance.

Choosing Kitchen and Bathroom Flooring

When it comes to kitchen and bathroom flooring porcelain tiles prove to be the best. And when you evaluate porcelain tiles vs ceramic tiles difference they are similar by design and are both made from clay that has been subjected to extreme levels of heat resulting in hard and denser product. You might also have to choose between glazed or unglazed ceramic and porcelain tiles.

Why Porcelain Tiles?

Porcelain tiles are popularly used as wall & floor tiles for the kitchen and bathroom due to the fact that it is denser, sturdier, and less porous. This can be attributed to the fact sand is added to clay mixture when making porcelain, this mixture is further subjected to heat and pressure. Kitchen porcelain tiles are thus more popular since they are ideal for high-traffic areas and the kitchen is a frequently visited area. Bathroom tiles should also be stronger and less porous and hence the need to install porcelain tiles Perth in the bathroom as well.

You might also consider the glazed porcelain tile. This simply refers to the type of tile with glass-like coating on its surface. The unglazed porcelain on the other hand has color blended with the clay mixture such that the pattern and color show all over the tile. It is therefore impossible to notice any wear and scratches in unglazed porcelain. An important point to note also is that porcelain tiles require extra care during installation. Otherwise it might prove to be impossible to attain the required appeal if not installed by an expert.

Ceramic and Stone for Kitchen and Bathroom Floors

Ceramic material is also commonly used in kitchen tiles and bathroom tiles. It is popularly referred to as non-porcelain and is softer. Ceramic glazed tiles are easier to cut and install. This is the best option for DIY projects and is porous and hence the need for glazing so as to make it impervious to splashes and spills on the kitchen tiles floor. You might also consider the stone floor tiles usually made from limestone, slate, marble, granite, or travertine. They tend to be porous in nature and require regular refinishing, preferably every two to three years. The downside of stone tiles is that they are slippery when wet. They are not also more vibrant as compared to Perth porcelain tiles.

Porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles in Kitchen and bathroom flooring makes a big difference. Some of its key benefits include the following; It gives the space a unique touch and character.You have so many styles to choose from and these can be intermingled. For instance, marble tiles, glass mosaic tile, concrete look porcelain, white tiles, mosaic tiles, wood look tiles, and many others.Porcelain is hardy and hence best suited for high traffic. It is easy to maintain and lasts longer.

The kitchen and bathroom space decor has a great impact on how a space is viewed. A well thought-out plan will therefore allow the homeowner achieve his or her desired outlook. This is made possible thanks to Kitchen and Bathroom Porcelain Tiles Perth.