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Shower screens and shower booths Perth

Perfect shower enclosures.

Shower screens and shower booths Perth are used widely. This is a superb space saver and a practical solution that ensure the bathroom space remains dry when you shower. In addition to this, shower screens Perth can give the bathroom an impressive overall look and provide comfort and privacy away from the busy world out there. The shower booth is used on a daily basis and it is one of those places that can leave an impression on any visitor. It should therefore be not only functional but also blend well with the overall decor of your space.

Space planning
Space planning is important prior to the installation of shower screens and shower booths. You need to comprehend the amount of space you have to work with since this will determine the type of showers booth designs and door to be installed. You need to evaluate the room layout and ensure the space is well utilized. A rough plan can help visualize the final outcome of the shower booth screen.
Shower- booth shape and size
Space planning for shower booths entails conducting some measurements of the total floor area at your disposal in addition to the bathroom height. The ceiling should be tall enough since most shower screens on bath have heights of between 1700 to 2000 mm. The height should be sufficient to accommodate both enclosure and tray. The nature of the floor and the ceiling height should be critically analyzed so as to find a perfectly-fitting shower screen. This is where expert advice comes in handy. An expert will give a perfect shower enclosures Perth design based on the bathroom space needs.
profile and standard depth
Low profile and standard depth shower trays are available for the buyer. The low profile trays have a depth of between 25 to 40 mm and are the most popular in the market given the design flexible they avail. These are ideal for creating low level shower enclosures. The standard depth shower trays vary in height from as little as 45 mm to up to 100mm. They tend to be thicker in size and are available in fewer material options.
Luxury showers

Space planning for the luxury shower booths also entails space allocation for doors, opening space for door, windows, and installation points for radiator. The nature of the door should also be considered. For instance, hinged doors should swing without hitting anything. Some popular door designs include bi-fold, in-swing, or sliding door. You may as well consider walk in shower booth Perth.

The Walk-in Shower

This is a door-free enclosure that usually works perfectly in an open plan shower space. It has a simplistic design composed of low profile shower tray in addition to a glass shower panel of 8mm or 10 mm thickness. Available also is a support bar that reinforces the entire system.

Other options to look out for when considering shower screens for sale include framed, shower booth frameless screen, enclosed, or semi-frameless showers. These are described as follows;

Framed-made up of a metal trim that runs across the entire structure as well as the door. They boast a traditional style and look amazing when used in complex designs, for instance, pentagon design showers.
Semi-frameless-this is whereby a metal trim run over entire structure excluding the door. Most common in the market.
profile and standard depth
Frameless-these enclosures do not have metal framework. In most cases, they have metal hinges that hold the structure to the wall or other panels. A support bar is used to reinforce frameless enclosures.

Shower screens and shower booths are used widely given the overall appeal they portray. They come with easy clean glass that repels water making shower booth cleaning a breeze. This means the glass wall can never accumulate dirt, steaks, or marks. This reduces the amount of maintenance and cleaning required. This glass also remains clear every time since it does not keep droplets. You can enjoy the many benefits of shower screens and shower booths Perth.